Osho Meditate



Dynamic, Kundalini, White Robe + 1 other meditation.

You can also enjoy the silence of nature.

Daily Schedule:

06:00 am       Morning Tea
06:30 am       Dynamic Meditation
08:30 am       Breakfast
10:00 am       Work Meditation
11:30 am       Any Meditation
01:00 pm       Lunch
04:00 pm       Kundalini Meditation
05:00 pm       Evening Tea
06:30 pm       White Robe Evening Satsang
08:15 pm       Dinner

* Please Note: Maroon Robe (during the day) and White Robe (Evening Satsang) is compulsory to participate in all the meditations in Buddha Hall. 



1 July 27, 2018 Guru Purnima Celebration Sw Anand Tathagat
2 August 11-13, 2018 3 Days Meditation Camp Sw Anand Aikant
3 August 24-26, 2018 3 Days Meditation Camp Ma Dhyan Suvas
4 September 08-14, 2018 Tuning in with Meditation and Yoga Sw Pahlad
5 September 21-23, 2018 Meditation in the Marketplace Sw Dhyan Karan
6 September 26, 2018 Sannyas Mahotsav Ma Kranti
7 October 12-14, 2018 3 Days Meditation Camp Sw Dev Naman
8 October 20-23, 2018 Rejoice in Silence Ma Antar Pragya
9 November 09-11, 2018 3 Days Meditation Camp Ma Kranti
10 November 23-25, 2018 3 Days Meditation Camp
11 December 08-11, 2018 4 Days Meditation Camp



“A man becoming a meditator is the greatest responsibility in the world. It is not easy. It cannot be instant. So from the beginning never start expecting too much and then you will never be frustrated. You will always be happy because things will grow very slowly.
Meditation is not a seasonal flower which within six weeks is there. It is a very very big tree. It needs time to spread its roots. ” – OSHO