“For meditation; any time is the right time – you just have to be relaxed and playful.” – Osho

Osho says “Bliss is the goal of life; meditation is the means, the way to it. Bliss is the end; meditation is the bridge, the boat that takes you to the farther shore. Without meditation nobody has ever known what bliss is.”
Meditation is a very simple phenomenon. It is your intrinsic nature- it is you, it is your being. Meditation is a state of clarity; it is not a state of mind.  Meditation begins when the mind ends; that is when there are no thoughts.
Techniques, preliminary methods as Osho calls it, are needed to remove the obstacles on the way of meditation. They help and prepare us.
Osho’s methods of meditation are non-serious, joyful and very effective. Dance, catharsis, celebration and silence are all part of meditation techniques. 

Osho has designed active meditation techniques for contemporary men and women. They have catharsis and celebration as foundation. Once the inner chaos and repressions are thrown out; it becomes easier to relax into silence. The second aspect is of celebration. As Osho puts it, “in the world of consciousness, nothing is as helpful as celebration”. He says celebration is like watering a plant and encourages us to dance with our silence. 

“Always remember that if you are moving in the right direction you will go on flowering. Much fragrance will come out of you and you will be creative. And you will be sensitive to life, to love, and to everything that God makes available to you. – Osho “

Meditation is the heart and soul of Oshogram. That is the purpose we created this Ashram amidst nature and with a  beautiful Buddha Hall. You are very welcome if meditation is your interest too.

Come, experience it for yourself...