About us

Oshogram is a small, intimate Osho ashram situated at an altitude of 2238 meters in the central mountain ranges of western Himalayas inside Himachal Pradesh. Ashram consists of three acres of apple orchard and it is surrounded by dense Deodar/Cedar forest in all directions.Mystery of forest

Ashram, a village in itself is away from the crowd and off all the tourist circuits. Here nature itself helps seekers to be in a state of bliss and meditation. No wonder – Deodar forest in the Himalayas has been a place of choice for practice/sadhana down the ages.

Summers here is extremely pleasant without need for even a fan. Monsoon is an exciting scene with the interplay of clouds and the forest while witnessing apple turning into royal red. This region experiences heavy snow fall in the winters.

Here we live in harmony with nature. The fruits and vegetables grown in ashram land have not seen chemical fertilizers for decades. We also try and utilize naturally available edible Himalayan herbs and plants as part of our cooking and diet. Oxygen rich atmosphere, lots of walking trails, healthy food and relaxed pace of life makes this place suitable for long stay and deeper practice.

Our wish is that you all do visit Oshogram and experience beauty and silence of this place